Blue Delta Web Development Ltd specialises in the development of responsive, content managed websites, cloud-based data systems and intranets.

Blue Blocks - a collection of ready-to-use ASP.NET website-building blocks - were originally launched back in 2009. These modules have continued to evolve, gaining more features, greater flexibility and becoming more user-friendly. The Blue Blocks modules facilitate the rapid deployment of new, feature-rich, mobile-first web applications.

The Blue Blocks modules have grown to a point where they can fulfil many web projects - but they also form a solid platform from which to grow your own, unique web applications. Whoever your audience, whatever your specific requirements, the Blue Blocks suite of products can help get things moving quickly and cheaply. The sophisticated Content Management System (CMS) at the heart of the system ensures that you are always in control of your website content. The additional modules complement the core platform by providing specific functionality for your specific audience.

If you are considering the development of a new website or online system, have a business idea you want to get started with or if you are looking for a new development partner - please get in touch and let's get together for a coffee and a chat.