This website uses 2 types of cookies:

  1. Functional cookies: These are essential for the operation of the site, do not contain any personal information and are deleted when you close your Internet browser.
  2. Analytics cookies: These are used to record page visits and traffic sources to enable us to measure and improve the performance of our site using the Google Analytics service.

Data Usage

For security reasons, we log any changes to data made by you when you are signed-in to the system. An example of this might be a history log entry if you change your password or personal details. This only applies to Users who sign-in and is designed to help us protect the data held within the system. We also store a record each and every time a User signs-in, including the IP address from which the request originated. The reason for this is two-fold... firstly it is to monitor site usage to ensure our infrastructure is sufficient to cope with the demands being put on the website. Secondly it is to help protect you and your data by providing an audit log of who has accessed your account, exactly when and from what IP address.

No personal data on this site is made available publicly or passed to third-parties for any sort of marketing purposes.

Google Analytics

This site users Google Analytics to monitor site usage, including what pages are viewed, how long is spent on each page and what browser capabilities the user has. Google Analytics does not store this information against your personal details, i.e. the data captured is stored anonymously.